Manitowoc STAR Service


STAR Service from Manitowoc means great service even after the sale

When equipment malfunctions it impacts everything from food quality and speed of service to energy consumption. Eliminate the stress.

At Manitowoc Foodservice, keeping high-performance kitchens at peak productivity and efficiency levels starts with design and manufacture and extends to installation, preventive maintenance and comprehensive after-market support.

The cornerstone of the company’s service initiative is its STAR Service Program. “We have four specialized networks under the STAR umbrella, each of which is aligned with our key capabilities,” says Mike Buelow, Manitowoc Foodservice’s vice president of service. “Our call centers get you to the right support regardless of what product or brand you have.”

“There are tangible benefits to using a Factory Authorized Service (FAS) agent,” Buelow says. “It’s relationship-based, starting with the original equipment specifications based on the operator’s menu and operations. That knowledge can then transfer from the engineering and culinary teams to sales and ultimately to our service network. When parts are updated or technology changes the network is immediately informed. Unauthorized agents don't have access to that.” Manitowoc Foodservice is also introducing new technology-based FAS technician training tools. In particular, an innovative Learning Management System provides interactive training modules and real-time access to diagnostic information. Says Buelow, “These new tools will further improve root-cause analysis, reduce diagnostic time and improve first-time fix rates.”

Easy-access Audit Data

Finding FAS agents is easy. A simple zip code search on puts a FAS agent's audit score data right at customers’ fingertips. “Once available only in the U.S., that software has recently been rolled out in Canada, as well, to provide consistency across all of North America,” Buelow says. “We expect to also have it online in Latin America soon as we continue to grow our audit capabilities in that market.”

Value-added Service Options

With fast, first-time fixes a fundamental goal, all FAS agents also offer customized, multi-year planned maintenance programs and installation. For installation, the R.I.S.E. program (Reliable Install and Start-up of Equipment), has grown thanks in part to sophisticated project management promising closed-loop satisfaction. It’s targeted at replacement of existing equipment and minor kitchen modifications or upgrades. Through an online portal, customers can track every step of their installation project. Coordinating with the dealer, the system posts ship dates, all key contact information, relevant construction schedules, specific items being installed by location, installation dates, etc.

“All big commitments are built in. If key dates aren’t met, e-mails are automatically generated to escalate the procedure,” Buelow says. The project doesn’t close until follow up calls are made and the customer has signed a start-up form confirming their complete satisfaction.

“Using installers with no specialized knowledge of the equipment and who aren’t authorized to repair it can lead to headaches,” he adds. “They may use the wrong kind of line or leave insufficient clearance for proper operation. Then you have a service call before you even start—and it’s an install issue so it’s not covered under warranty. R.I.S.E. was designed to guarantee that when an operator buys a piece of Manitowoc Foodservice equipment it gets installed properly by a factory-trained technician and it’ll work on the dates to which we committed.”

To OEM or not to OEM

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts deliver a variety of benefits that generic parts can't touch. For warranty, food safety, liability protection and to maintain approval ratings, replacement with OEM parts is key. While generic parts may carry their own warranty, OEM parts are the only true way to preserve the warranty of the equipment itself. STAR FAS technician work with OEM parts because they know it’s the best way to keep operations running smoothly.

Choose OEM Parts for the following benefits:
•    Guaranteed to fit and work right the first time
•    Protect the warranty of the equipment, not just the part
•    Safety first - protect your liability and food safety
•    Maintain agency approvals