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Top Trends That Are Sure To Drive Tomorrow's Menus

Consumer trends change year to year and staying on top of what’s behind them can be a challenge. But failure to keep up with—and even ahead of—important trends driving shifts in consumer preferences is risky business. Manitowoc Foodservice can help. We keep a close eye both on food trends and on big emerging consumer trends that promise to affect menus, influence equipment purchases, and most of all initiate customer loyalty. Here are a few trends that made our Top Trends List.

Trend #1 Glocalization

Consumers love global brands but also want local flair. Maybe it’s the fresh taste of locally grown vegetables or the sense of supporting their local communities, but incorporating locally produced, authentic ingredients into a menu is a trend that is here to stay. The trend means that great cheese doesn’t always have to come from Wisconsin and a fine domestic wine doesn’t necessarily need to come from California. Operators nationwide are looking in their own backyards for distinctive ingredients and menu components.

How to adapt: Source and showcase high-impact local specialties.

Tools for tapping in:

  • Manitowoc Foodservice’s global services and support, along with regional culinary expertise helps operators excite customers and succeed in local markets.

Trend #2 Green Hot

Long ago, foodservice operations had the luxury of opting out of a green program if it didn’t immediately translate into increased profits. Today, customers want and even expect businesses they frequent to be socially and environmentally responsible. Studies show that they’re more willing to spend money in establishments working to lessen their impact on the environment. They’re increasingly aware of everything around them, from to-go packaging to the chemicals and equipment used. It all matters. And for operators, studies show potential savings of up to 30 percent from running more energy-efficient kitchens. Adding green into the equation is easier than it seems.

How to adapt: Make sustainability a key purchasing specification.

Tools for tapping in:

  • Jackson energy and water-efficient dishwashers clean 218 racks per hour using only .32 gallons (1.2 liters) per rack.

Trend #3 The Deity Complex

If there was ever a doubt as to who is in charge, there isn’t now: it’s consumers, who clearly want things their way. And having it their way means foodservice operators must be flexible.

Gone is the “one-size-fits-all” business model and firmly in its place is a “what-can-we-do-for-you-today” attitude. Operators are learning that they must drive this customization frenzy or be left behind by those who are in the pursuit of growth and efficiency.

How to adapt: Enable efficient “mass customization” of menu items.

Tools for tapping in:

  • Multiplex Blend-in-Cup™ smoothie machine produces a wide variety of quality, customizable smoothies, frappes and blended beverages within a small footprint. All ingredients are on board, including the ice machine.
  • Servend Flav’r Pic™ beverage dispenser offers thousands of potential drink combinations from 16 flavors, eight shot options and two types of ice-cubed and crushed-from a single dispenser.

Trend #4 Convenience

Consumers demand easy access to quality foodservice products whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. They want it fast and easy, but it still has to be good. Going forward the most successful operations will anticipate and meet those demands. Manitowoc Foodservice can help with a collaborative approach that applies industry and culinary expertise, global experience, innovation, technology and a well-honed service support network.

How to adapt: Develop quick, accessible, flexible, on-the-go options

Tool for tapping in:

  • Merrychef® accelerated cooking ovens deliver faster service and flexible menus with dramatically reduced cook times. Merrychef combines three cooking technologies - convection, impingement and microwave — and achieves cook times up to 15 times faster than conventional ovens.
  • Delfield integrated, compact work stations create new location opportunities.
  • Garland induction units combined with Delfield refrigeration create efficient work stations.

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