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ActisumerActisumers are not the new voice of today’s consumers. They are the same voice that has been raising grass roots concerns about the health, safety and longterm effects of goods and services to public and legislative forums for many years. The difference in today’s actisumers is they are more informed and unified than any generation before. They want to affect changes in restaurant regulations and have the numbers, power and know-how to make these changes happen.

One recent change brought about by today’s actisumers is the LEAN (Labeling Education and Nutrition) Act. This new government regulation requires chain food and other restaurants with 20 or more locations to provide nutritional information for the food items they serve. In response to the trend of emerging nutritional-conscious consumers, one national chain bakery café has opted to provide calorie counts on menus in addition to required nutritional information.

Another example of the impact actisumers have on the food industry involves salt content. Because of concern over salt consumption, many restaurants and packaged goods companies are leading the way in reducing salt content in their food products. The actisumer-affected trend to reduce salt content is pouring over into smaller restaurants and food service companies as well. This means they either reduce salt content to provide healthier eating options, or lose customers to those who are offering healthy choices and keeping up with the demands of actisumers.

Manitowoc Foodservice is ready to help its customers adapt to the demands of today’s actisumers. Through programs, partnerships and products developed with your customers in mind, Manitowoc Foodservice is better positioned than any other company to help you handle the demands of your customers and new restaurant regulations.

The key issues at the heart of the actisumer trend, energy and environment, health and wellness, and employee comfort and facility integration, are all addressed by Manitowoc Foodservice’s equipment lines and partnerships. With Manitowoc Foodservice, you can meet the demands of your customers, please actisumers and comply with government regulations, without any hassles, headaches or lost profit.

To meet the energy and environmental demands of actisumers, Manitowoc Foodservice has developed the EnerLogic™ initiative to identify equipment meeting independent standards for energy and resource efficiency. To improve the health and wellness of consumers, Manitowoc Foodservice has joined forces with other food partners to develop Frymaster®, a Manitowoc brand, created “The 4 Factors for Fit Frying” to help restaurant operators understand the health issues involved with frying and adopt better frying methods.

Manitowoc Foodservice is also on the leading edge of employee comfort and facility integration. By adding new optimization methods and partnering with companies, such as Halton and other leading firms, Manitowoc Foodservice has created more comfortable, productive and energy-efficient restaurant work environments. This puts Manitowoc’s customers in front of the trend, bringing actisumers and their dollars through the doors.