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Clockless LifestyleToday’s consumers spend enough time chasing the clock they almost seem to be erasing the clock. They are living 24-hour lifestyles and the typical daypart lines on menus are becoming blurred.

As technology has failed to decrease workloads as once expected, it has instead made people’s lives busier and workloads more intense. Computers, especially laptops, allow employees to take work wherever they go, making them always available. They expect the same from the restaurants where they dine as well. If it’s three o’clock in the morning, but they have just finished work for the day, they may want dinner. Likewise, at six o’clock in the evening, they might want to opt for bacon and eggs. In the clockless world that is constantly racing for time, restaurants must adapt their menus and services to accommodate their customers. 

Signs of these clockless times include the growing breakfast and late-night business restaurants are enjoying. People no longer limit the food they choose to the time of day. More quick-serve restaurants are expanding to offer round-the-clock options and service. Customers are walking into restaurants at the last minute and choosing to dine. Calling ahead to make a reservation requires time, something of which today’s restaurant customers have very little to spare.

Manitowoc Foodservice has the technology to help serve clockless customers. With durable equipment, operators can rely on 24-hours a day, plus flexible, fast and easy-to-operate products, operators will be serving customers what they want, when they want it — hassle and worry-free.

The Advanced Cooking Technology® from Manitowoc Foodservice enables operators to serve more options around the clock with a reduced labor force, all while still getting the food to the customer fast. The “smart” equipment delivers full-menu options without expert labor and extra costs.

Additional equipment that helps restaurants adapt to the clockless trend are Mini-Combi Ovens and ACT Ovens. These product lines offer smaller footprints and can be placed anywhere, giving you greater menu flexibility. Servend and Mulitplex with Manitowoc Ice machines can help support the changing beverage program, allowing operators to offer drink options at morning, noon, and night to please clockless customers.

To create the best platform for the 24/7 restaurant environment, Manitowoc brands let operators combine Delfield refrigeration, Lincoln impinge and hot holding from Merco. Let the dayparts merge into one another, because with Manitowoc Foodservice, operators can still provide menu options that will please clockless consumers.