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Convenience LifestyleToday’s consumers have come to expect more products and easy-to-obtain services available in a larger number of places than ever before. They want what they want, when they want it, and where they want it, according to recent trends studied by Culturewaves®, our partner in trend research and reporting.

This trend of at-your-fingertips convenience means restaurants are adapting to keep up with their customers. Because people are looking for convenient, quick and quality options all rolled into one stop, they are not going to purchase from someone who is not offering all of these services and choices in one location.

The popularity of mobile food trucks serving fresh, convenient, covetable foods is growing in many places, including California, New York and Chicago. Customers are literally beginning to expect vendors to relocate if it is easier to grab an inviting and filling meal. Meals on wheels are reshaping the urban landscape, and restaurant owners need to keep up with the trend’s pace in order to maintain their share of the rolling market.

Quick-serve restaurants have come up with ways to quickly serve their on-the-move customers. One example of this is a restaurant on a boat. The floating vehicle enabled the company to serve customers at a Lake Michigan event, bringing the restaurant to the customer and the customer’s dollars to the quick-serve franchise.

Another example of this convenience-and-quality-now demand is the do-it-yourself “Market” in an upscale New York City hotel that is replacing the room service option. Visiting travelers are able to charge a number of culinary options to their rooms, each offering a different taste of New York flare from various local restaurants and other sources in one 24-hour, on-location menu.

People want options where they are, when the desire strikes, and they do not want to sacrifice freshness or flavor to get it. Manitowoc helps customers maintain ultimate freshness, flavor and quality with state-of-the-art refrigeration and heating equipment.

Manitowoc Foodservice can help keep its customers on top of their game and moving with the convenience trend. With the current market trend being on the go, so is the innovation of Manitowoc Foodservice. 

To help operators reach their customers in more convenient locations, Manitowoc Foodservice offers the industry’s largest portfolio of Advanced Cooking Technology® and Kitchen EXCELeration Systems™. The integrated, compact workstations help operators create completely new location opportunities with improved throughput.

Delivering on the promise to help customers integrate workstations into more efficient spaces, Manitowoc has developed the Garland Induction Units with hot water rethermalization. When these are combined with Delfield refrigeration, they create a space-saving, cost reducing fresh-to-order station, such as a Pasta/Omelet station for serving a breakfast crowd.
In addition to these location-friendly brands, Manitowoc also offers other ways to take the service to the customer. Lincoln Conveyors and Merco® Display Cabinets make pleasing the customer on the go easy and affordable. Merrychef ovens allow operators space-saving convenience and reduced cooking times.

Because Manitowoc keeps up-to-date with market trends and adapts it technology to meet the industry needs, it is able to offer more to their customers by providing faster service with more flexible menus in less time than before. That all translates into Manitowoc Foodservice helping its customers reduce their costs and boost their profits while they are adapting to the emerging convenience trend.