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Consumer Trends

The best way to create a big food idea is to understand why patrons order what they do. By identifying the most relevant consumer trends, Manitowoc Foodservice helps operators prepare for the future with solutions adapted to the ever-changing marketplace. Whether it’s the consumer demand for resource-saving products and sustainability, the trends in health and wellness, or active consumer lifestyles, Manitowoc foodservice can help you anticipate the changes with products, services, and partnerships developed with an eye on tomorrow.


Trends we are currently studying include:

Consumers are demanding more products, locations, accessibility, and service speed. Our small foot-print solutions are helping operators develop kiosks and self-serve stations for any setting.

Nontraditional meal times are now the norm. Manitowoc Foodservice helps operators answer the need with kitchens and equipment that enable daylong food production.

Green Hot
Customers increasingly seek out sustainable products and environments. Our resource-saving solutions help create operations in line with those values.

Sensory Appeal
A new tapestry of textures, colors, tastes, and sounds is enhancing everyday products. Manitowoc Foodservice delivers with solutions such as display kitchens that create a "theater of fresh".

Consumers demand local relevance from global brands. We help operators adapt to this trend wherever in the world they are.

As consumer activism affects restaurant regulations, we’re responding with equipment and partnerships that address issues such as energy, health and wellness, and employee comfort.

The cultural embrace of technology for greater personal efficiency and service experiences is reflected in our development of fully integrated and self-diagnostic equipment solutions that keep the dining environment running at peak efficiency.