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GlocalizationConsumers may want global brands to be conveniently available in their markets, but at the same time, they expect those brands to have local relevance and culture. This trend of expanding into foreign and far-reaching markets while retaining local customs and charm is called glocalization, and, if operators want to maintain their share of this growing market, they need to become glocal.

As the top fast food chain in the United States has expanded into more than 100 other countries, it has had to adapt to be a viable contender in its foreign markets. Culinary tastes, dietary requirements, and cultural restrictions have meant changing items previously offered on the menu, adding new items to the menu, and learning new ways of communicating with customers.

Customer service is an important consideration in the glocalization effort of a company. When the top-selling U.S. box store expanded into the German market, the company had to completely adapt its way of offering service to its customers. The culture of the overseas location was not accustomed to such obliging customer service as is offered in America, so the store stopped having an employee greet customers at the door.

Manitowoc Foodservice is ready and able to help its customers meet the demands of new markets by becoming glocal businesses. By applying insights from its other brands, Manitowoc Foodservice can help your operation deliver the best possible results around the world while your customers’ perception is that you are just around the corner.

At Manitowoc Foodservice, one of the glocalization trend goals is to help restaurant owners and operators blend their business presence with local resources to adapt and become familiar and successful in any location. This can be achieved through worldwide services and support, along with regional culinary expertise from Manitowoc Foodservice. With the wealth of knowledge and know-how concerning these markets that Manitowoc Foodservice is able to provide, operators will be delighting customers with a comfortable feeling and succeed in the new market.

Serving many chains throughout the world for many years, Manitowoc Foodservice is aware of what it takes to make it in the worldwide market. Sharing that expertise with customers and helping them become successes all over the globe is a strong part of the service and support Manitowoc Foodservice offers. Everything from space restrictions and different government regulations to culinary options and time constraints can be reigned in to help Manitowoc Foodservice’s customers build businesses with lasting appeal in foreign markets. If you want to get there and be successful, count on Manitowoc Foodservice to already be there and know how to help you with glocalization.