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Green Hot: Save Money and the Planet

Green HotIf it’s not green, it’s not good for today’s consumers. More and more, the green hot trend shows consumers are demanding resource-saving products, sustainability from providers and environmentally-friendly choices. Consumers are beginning to think twice before supporting a business that does little or nothing to alleviate the impact its processes have on the environment.

The green hot trend is more than biodegradable packaging and eco-friendly cooking oils, it is making the restaurant business cater to environmentally-friendly standards in as many ways as possible and then making customers aware of those green efforts. Consumers want to know when they choose a meal, it is not going to negatively affect the environment.

Fortunately, going green usually means saving money in addition to saving energy. Restaurants can easily add to their bottom lines by conserving energy, recycling certain products and using environmentally-conscious efforts as marketing tools to attract new and retain established customers. As an example, one catering company has implemented greener cooking equipment at the ballparks it serves. The result has been a 50 percent reduction in the ballpark’s energy consumption and overwhelming applause from the stands. Playing on the marketing concept of its greener business, the catering company has reduced costs and boosted sales— definite evidence of the green hot trend.

Manitowoc Foodservice wants to help its customers grow with the green hot trend. That’s why it is offering more than 1,000 resource-efficient products to save operators energy and money. Recent studies from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency Commercial Kitchens Initiative, show the total savings potential from running a more efficient commercial kitchen is up to 30 percent annually.

The EnerLogic™ initiative from Manitowoc Foodservice helps you realize this savings by identifying and offering more green-friendly equipment for increased utility and resource savings. The numerous brands of Manitowoc Foodservice that offer EnerLogic™ products include Cleveland, Dean, Delfield, and Frymaster. Other EnerLogic™ brands from Manitowoc are Garland, Kopak, and Manitowoc Ice.

ENERGY STAR-rated equipment can also help you realize savings potential and follow the green hot trend. Manitowoc Foodservice offers more than 400 products that meet ENERGY STAR standards. They include steamers, fryers, convection ovens, griddles and combination ovens. In addition, Manitowoc also offers broilers, ranges, refrigeration, freezers and warewashers that meet ENERGY STAR standards.

With a full line of products offered to help lower energy requirements and meet the demands of a greener customer base, Manitowoc Foodservice is ready to help operators go green hot with the current market trend.