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TecstaurantToday’s consumers are tech savvy. They are using their fingers or thumbs to discover new options and improve their experiences with everything from shopping to dining out. To stay on top of the technological trend, restaurants must transform into “techstaurants.”

Meeting the demands of knowledgeable, discerning and tech-smart consumers can be challenging. They want numerous options presented to them quickly and with some interaction on their part. To stay in touch with these types of customers, a techstaurant needs to stay up-to-date with technology in the kitchen, as well as in consumers’ living rooms.

An example of a techstaurant is one of the nation’s leading coffee bistro chains that recently began allowing customers to show coupons on their smart phones to receive free or discounted menu items. Another nationwide foodservice company following the techstaurant trend has used social media to engage its customers by running a promotion which asked customers to send in pictures for a chance to win free food products.

Another example of the techstaurant trend comes from a national pizza chain. One of the store owners for this company discovered a complaint about the restaurant on a social media site. The owner immediately responded with an apology and offered to make the situation right. What has since ensued is a completely integrated campaign with this pizza chain publicly improving its product via every technological avenue available and engaging its customers along the way.

Manitowoc Foodservice realizes the techstaurant trend is growing and is responding to that growth with technological advances in its equipment lines and services to help its customers stay in front of the trend. As a result of the techstaurant trend, effective operators need to tightly integrate the front-of-the-house service with their back-of-the-house systems in order to improve the customer experience and generate profits.

With the self-diagnosing and linked equipment options offered by Manitowoc Foodservice, a restaurant can become a techstaurant, keeping the kitchen at peak performance 24/7/365. Manitowoc Foodservice also offers Frymaster Oil Conserving Fryers which are equipped with self-monitoring systems. These fryers are available with technologically-advanced sensors that send an alert when it’s time to refill the oil pot.

More of the technologically-advanced equipment offered by Manitowoc Foodservice to help its customers stay on the cutting edge of the techstaurant trend include Delfield® refrigeration and blast chillers with auto alerts and web-enabled reporting. The advanced controls of this equipment line save energy, integrate with facilities and perform a multitude of additional techstaurant functions.

Keeping up with the interactive part of the techstaurant trend, Manitowoc Foodservice provides Convotherm by Cleveland and Merrychef equipment brands. Both of these offer easy touch screens with icons for a user-friendly interface. They also have USB connections, making menu uploading simple and efficient. 

Manitowoc Foodservice is helping operators keep up with tech-savvy customers. They are able to stay on trend and prepared to meet customer demands with the technologically-advanced options from Manitowoc.