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Delfield's new patent-pending technology for the 4400 Series Prep Table Helps Deliver Optimum Performance in the Harshest Kitchen Environments

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. - May 5, 2011 - Delfield, a Manitowoc Foodservice company, recently announced innovative changes to its 4400 Series Prep Tables. These changes include optimization of the evaporator airflow and the addition of patented dual-level pan guides.

The evaporator coil air flow on the 4400 Series Prep Tables has been modified. A "tipped" evaporator coil and a redesign of the evaporator cover have optimized the overall operational efficiency. The second change allows the flexibility of dual-level pan placement. Utilizing Delfield's patent-pending dual level pan guide feature gives operators the choice of traditional pan placement or the option to position the pans to sit 1" lower in the unit. Tests have shown that setting pans one inch (1") lower in the unit can reduce pan temperatures an additional 2 degrees.

"Delfield's 4400 Series Prep Tables have always provided superior temperature performance and have now been optimized to perform exceptionally well even in the harshest kitchen conditions. Our new patent-pending pan dual level pan guide technology and the evaporator coil air flow optimization make the already dependable 4400 Series an even better kitchen solution, said Steve Willoughby, senior product manager for Delfield."

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