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Delfield Brings Lovett School into the 21st Century

For students at Lovett School, lunch was a slow process.  A cafeteria built in 1960s, one of the last circle-serve cafeteria's in the country, was the source of a less than satisfactory dining experience.  The mix-match of equipment, slow queue system, and antiquated serving lines just didn't seem to fit the high standards of Lovett School.

The goal?  To design a modern, attractive, easy-to-clean, energy efficient, and most of all, effective service line.  The solution? A custom Delfield service line, complete with salad bar, chef's special stations, grrill, hot-food stations and more.  Consultant James Camacho met with the school's foodservice director and headed up the project.  The results was a culinary work of art.

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