T40 Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer

ConvoChill by Delfield

Blast chilling and shock freezing are the best natural systems to extend the shelf life of food. This is why Delfield, utilizing its experience in refrigeration, created the ConvoChill range of blast chillers/freezers. These machines are designed to improve the quality and organization of the work in restaurants, confectioneries, bakeries and ice-cream shops.

Great power, versatility and reliability are the most evident features of ConvoChill blast chillers/freezers. Thousands of operators all over the world are already successfully using Delfield blast chillers/freezers, thus improving their work, leaving more time for creativity.

The T40 by Delfield is also a companion piece to the Convotherm oven by Cleveland model numbers OES 20.20, OEB 20.20, OGS 20.20, OGB 20.20.

Blast chill cycle

440lb. chilling capacity - from 200 F to 38 F in approximately 90 minutes

Shock freeze cycle

385lb. freezing capacity - from 200 F to 0 F in approximately 240 minutes

On board, integral printer

date, temperatures and times during all chilling cycles printed out

Remote condensing unit required

Automatic hot gas defrost

Electronic control with 99 program capability and HACCP memory

Time chill or temperature chill

1 core temperature probe

Stainless steel interior and exterior

Soft chill cycle for delicate foods

Stainless steel ramp

Unit ships "knocked down" for field assembly

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T40 Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer

ConvoChill by Delfield

Width x Depth x Height 61" x 5315/16" x 891/2"
(155 cm x 137 cm x 227.4 cm)
Weight 850 lb (249.4800 kg)
Exterior Cabinet exterior sides, front, door and grill are corrosion resistant stainless steel.
Interior Cabinet interior is corrosion resistant stainless steel. Bottom and side corner surfaces are stamped to provide radius corners and recessed floors. Accommodates a ConvoTherm 20.20 rack supplied by others. Stainless steel evaporator housing is mounted to the rear of the cabinet and removes for cleaning or evaporator access without the use of tools.
Doors Stainless steel exterior and stainless steel interior door liner. Doors are field reversible with predrilled hinge mounting holes on both sides of the cabinet. Door seals tight to the cabinet with a magnetic door gasket. Gaskets snap into place and is easily removable without the use of tools. Door handle is continuous along the verticle dimension of the door.
Refrigeration System Evaporator is standard with the unit. Condensing unit is required. The evaporator is mounted to the rear of the cabinet interior. Set up for use with 404A refrigerant. System has the capability of chilling up to 440lbs. of product from 200˚F to 38˚F in approximately 90 minutes or freezing up to 385lbs. of product from 200˚F to 0˚F in approximately 240 minutes. A single fan mounted to the front of the evaporator moves air at velocity sufficient to assure rapid, even cooling. System is controlled by an electronic microprocessor control designed for easy operation. Unit is designed to chill or freeze either for a designated time period, programed by the user or by temperature as monitored by a probe placed in the food product. One temperature probe is supplied. Operator has the choice of using a soft chill cycle for chilling delicate product or a hard chill cycle for denser, less delicate product. Evaporator defrost is automatic using a time/temperature terminated system. User also has the option of initiating a defrost cycle manually. Evaporator condensate requires plumbing to floor drain or other condensate receptacle supplied by others.
Electrical Standard electrical connections are 220-230/60/1. Connection must be hard wired to a junction box.
Certifications UL CUL

NOTE: Certifications may differ with various options available for this product. Please check Technical Specifications tab for additional information.



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Companion piece to Convotherm by Cleveland

OES 12.20, OEB 12.20, OGS 12.20, OGB 12.20

Remote Condensing Unit

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