E-Chef Hot Food Tables

E-Chef™ by Delfield makes chef counters easy and economical. Freestanding fabrication modules and hot food tables are combined with Delfield's existing standard refrigeration models to form chef counters and prodution units.  This modular approach also gives flexibility to the kitchen as they may be rearranged to fit the menu throughout the years as changes are made.

Designed with the quality you would expect from Delfield with the features you need to keep your operation running efficiently and profitably. All at a price that’s easy on your bottom line. The EHEI series of hot food tables can function as stand alone pieces or as a component of Delfield’s E-Chef Production Systems. Realize the economy of an attractive purchase price without sacrificing usability or durability.

Standard stainless steel top and sides
Individual wells with infinite controls
8" polyethylene cutting board
Drains, manifold and common gate valve standard
Stainless steel plate shelf
Stainless steel bottom shelf with 3" riser at rear
Models on casters standard with cord and plug
Models on legs must be hard wired in the field

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E-Chef Hot Food Tables

Width x Depth x Height 0" x 311/2" x 36"
(0.00 cm x 80.01 cm x 91.44 cm)
Weight 0 lb (0.0000 kg)
Exterior Top is one-piece heavy-gauge stainless steel with integral 2.12" square nosing on front with 90° turn down at the rear. Sides are heavy-gauge single thickness stainless steel with 2" bends on front and rear.
Top Top is available with (2) to (5) 11.87" x 19.87" sealed individual wells to accommodate 12"x20" pans 6" deep. Each well is constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel with 1/2" drains. Drains are manifolded together with common gate valve. Each well is individually controlled by infinite controls.Controls are mounted on the front of the stainless steel plate shelf. Each well has a 1000 watt heating element with high limit safety switches.
Interior Bottom shelf is heavy-gauge stainless steel with 3" high riser at the rear. 7" heavy-gauge stainless steel plate shelf on the front of the unit.
Electrical (2) well units are standard with 120V electrical. (3) to (5) well units are standard with 208V electrical. All models on legs must be hardwired in the field. All models on casters are standard with relevant NEMA cord and plug.
Certifications UL CUL NSF

NOTE: Certifications may differ with various options available for this product. Please check Technical Specifications tab for additional information.



See Downloads for warranty info.


Composite cutting boards

Counter protectors


Stainless steel back

Individual gate valves

Cord and plug

Leg models

208V electrical



E-Chef Hot Food Tables

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