We call it Cool Thinking

Delfield Prep tables come out of the box with the features you’d expect a professional prep counter to possess. Like ABS liners and front breathing. Not to mention Delfield’s exclusive Dual Level Pan Guides – brilliantly simple they enable you to lower where the pan sits in the unit. We call it Cool Thinking. It’s what Delfield does each and every day.

Advanced Control Technology

All the benefits of solid state electronics with the operational ease of standard controls. Which gives you...
  • Faster pull down times.
  • More even temperatures.
  • Reduced compressor cycling; longer compressor life.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • System operational optimization with Adaptive Defrost that keeps the evaporator free of ice no matter how harsh the environment.

Advanced Benefits and Features

GreenGenius™ Efficiency

Now with energy efficient R290 GreenGenius refrigeration system. 39-55% more energy efficient than previous model and more environmentally friendly. 


Holds 4” or 6” deep pans

Delfield’s 4400 prep tables adapt to your operation. 4” deep pans are standard but the 4400 holds 6” deep pans as well.

Self closing doors

Hinges are concealed in the door to avoid damage. Cam lift system assures that the doors self-close past 90˚, while staying open for convenient access at 120˚.

Energy saving polyurethane

Efficient, energy saving polyurethane foam insulation 2” thick or more high density environmentally friendly, Kyoto Protocol compliant, Non ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), Non GWP (Global Warming Potential) polyurethane foam throughout

Long life door gasket

Durable, magnetic snap in type design for assured door seal and easy removal for cleaning or replacement. Protected by thermoformed ABS door liner that comes out past the gasket to keep pans, boxes and other items from coming into contact with the gasket.

Dual level pan guides

Operators have the choice of traditional pan placement or the option to position the pans to sit 1” lower in the unit— reducing pan temperatures up to 2 degrees.

Configuring Your Unit

Delfield’s 4400 Series Meets Your Needs.

Our 4400 series prep tables provide an integrated design solution to your salad, sandwich and other meal preparation needs. Designed to be easy to work from, they provide a compact area where storage and assembly areas are combined to createan efficient production system. Labor productivity is high. Operational costs are low. Food is kept at safe, consistent temperatures, keeping your meal quality high and your food waste costs low.

Configure your tables by adding Door/Drawer Locks, Exterior Thermometer, Remote Refrigeration Configuration, Door/Drawer Combinations, Doublesided Cutting Boards,Tray Slide Mounting and more.

Exterior Thermometer

Door/Drawer Locks

Interior Light

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Convotherm Service manuals

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